305 Day starts now, Miami. Here’s what you should be doing to celebrate

It’s 305 day! Yes. It’s March 5, which gives us another  day on which we can celebrate – or at least, in this case, do the things that make us so Miami.

Observing this auspicious holiday – created by 305 Cafecito – is easy. Just do one, two or all of the things on this list, and you will have achieved the perfect 305 Day. You will win no prize, but live happily in the knowledge that you are as Miami as you can be.

Sit in a massive traffic jam

This is pretty much a given, so you may as well check it off the list first.

Drink a cafecito

You were going to do this anyway, so get started and keep it up throughout the day. Cafecitos fuel Miami. If you need a pick-me-up this afternoon, you can get a free cafecito by Cafe La Llave at all Sprint Stores from 3:05 until 5 p.m.

Eat a weird tropical fruit

Grab a guanabana and teach your non-Hispanic friends how to pronounce it. Some of us are still struggling.

Go see Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat

The team takes on the Phoenix Suns at 7:30 p.m. at the AmericanAirlines Arena. Can’t make the game? Head to your favorite sports bar and watch there with your fellow Heat fans who are so happy Father Prime is back.

Keep your windows closed and the a/c on

Why would you want fresh air? Fresh air kills! OK, it doesn’t, but you’re from Miami and you’re not opening your house no matter how pleasant it is outside.

Have a Publix sub for lunch

They’re not Miami’s only claim to culinary fame, but damn, they’re good. We recommend the chicken tenders but fully support any choice you make.

Bring a big box of croquetas into the office

Forget donuts. Your co-workers will love you more if you bring croquetas. This buying-love thing works with empanadas, too.

Kiss any strangers you meet

Listen, the flu season is just about over. We’re sure it’s safe to start dropping the Miami Kiss on people you don’t know once again.

Have dinner at a Cuban restaurant

Order whatever you like.

Say Dale like you mean it

Dale – it’s not just for Pitbull anymore.

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