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Remember those marathon Monopoly games you used to play during the holidays with the fam? You'd all go to bed, swearing not to touch the board during the night lest someone would be coming after you with the yule tide log. Inevitably, in the morning the top hat would be on Baltic instead of Marvin Gardens, your anger management-challenged brother would dramatically throw everyone's paper money in the air and mom would say something mom-ish like, "It's so nice to have everyone home. Who wants pancakes?" wants you to re-live those grand holiday memories. That's why we're giving away 10 Monopoly Miami game boards. In this version, locales like Ocean Drive, Fairchild Tropical Garden and the Freedom Tower replace Boardwalk, Marvin Gardens and Connecticut, and Miami-themed game pieces such as an alligator, flamingo and Art Deco hotel replace the thimble, the car and the coveted top hat.

So what do you have to do to score a free board? Simple - build your profile. Add your favorite restaurants, nightspots, beaches, museums, 'hoods and sports teams, and, most importantly, don't forget to add a pic. It doesn't have to be you - it could be your favorite shot from a night out on South Beach, your dog, those guys from Flight of the Conchords. Leave a comment on this blog entry that says, "Check me out,!" and at the end of next week, we'll pick our ten favorite profiles. If yours is one of them, you get a Miami Monopoly board.

Now if only holidays with the fam were that easy.

-- miaeditor

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I will never take a four month sabbatical again!!
Check me out,!
Check me out,!
Check me out!!!!!
CHECK ME OUT MIAMI.COM!!! Love what you're doing with our SEXXXY city!
CHECK ME OUT MIAMI.COM... Monopoly meets Miami.. I love it!! Nothing better than having a Monopoly Party.
CHECK ME OUT MIAMI.COM!!!!! love the idea of a Miami themed version! HOLA AT ME!.lol
Check me out,! I always chose to be the little dog. Maybe I can replace him with a fierce Miami Beach flamingo?! lol
Check me out! I love Monopoly. I think I've only won that game once in my entire life!
"Check me out,!"
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