What's in Drew Barrymore's fall makeup bag?


Flower line


Drew Barrymore loves makeup but like the rest of us, changes up her essentials when the weather turns steamy.

Her cosmetics line, Flower, has a few, um, cool items available at Walmart and Walmart.com/Flower.

What we love over at Miami.com? The Lip Service Lip Butter is a bargain at just $6.98. Its soft texture glides on easily, leaving leaves lips looking smooth and full.

As for the new mom's fall faves right now: Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color in Petal Kiss, R Color Play Crème Eyeshadow in Orchid-ing Around, and Nail Lacquer in Venus Fly Trap. Try em all.

Barrymore's Flower mascara -- called Zoom in Ultimate -- is the bomb for your lashes.

Everything is so affordable; you don't have to have a big screen star's bank account to buy a ton of stuff.

Don't want to shop right now? The company has a lot of fun things happening on its social channels if you would like to connect:

Facebook: FLOWER Beauty

Instagram: @FLOWERBeauty

Twitter: @FLOWERBeauty

Pinterest: Pinterest.com/FlowerbyDrew


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