Vegetarian Connection 


The rasta clientele at The Vegetarian Connection move slowly, as if they're riding a natural mystic far removed from the hustle of the outside world. For $10, you get two ''meats'' (soy chunks or seitan), rice and veggies. Even if you are a die-hard carnivore, you have to admit that a home-style vegetarian meal can taste and feel like the real thing. The subtly spiced curry had a light hue and was prepared with curry potatoes. Still, the dish by itself was uneventful. However, when blended with the grilled pepper ''steak'' that was slightly sweet and sautéed with red peppers, the curry flavor became more dynamic. Also, add their homemade hot sauce that looks and tastes like a spicy Thousand Island dressing. The sautéed dasheen leaf (think spinach) is pungently green and slightly creamy. The fried rice lacked flavor. However, the standout at this venue is the chicken nuggets (10 for $12). Rastas are super-secretive, so I could not get owner Ozzie Allicock (originally from Georgetown, Guyana) to tell me how they prepared this vegetarian treat. (Though I know they got the item from their freezer then put their own spin on it). The dish is served with a homemade sauce that tastes more like an herbaceous Jack Daniels barbecue sauce.

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