Miami is to me...

A girl that loves to travel, party, and be with my friends, boyfriend, and meet new people.

  • Restaurants:

    Scorch, Mangos in Las Olas, Red Lobster, The Melting Pot, TGI Fridays, can't forget about Chilis.

  • Nightclubs:

    Karu & Y, Spirits, Voodoo Lounge, Cameo, and Space.

  • Beaches:

    South Beach, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood Beach, and oh yea Key Biscayne.

  • Museums:

    Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

  • Attractions:

    Bayfront Park... well I consider it an attraction.. or should I say Bayside. Dade County Youth Fair when its in town. Vizcaya.. uhh just love it. And Santa's only a true Miamian knows what Santa's mean.

  • Teams:

    I'm a true Miami girl.. GO Heat! Dolphins! Hurricanes! Marlins! Panthers!---Hockey for those that don't know.


  • Birthday:

    November 18, 1985

  • Location:

    North Miami

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