Miami is to me...

Married, born and raised in this beautiful city, love it, except for the traffic, work as an advertising sales consultant at another paper, I njoy Golf, mountain biking, fishing, and poker

  • Restaurants:

    Bonefish Grill, Chart House, Rusty Pelican, Smith & Wolinsky, Baleens, Outback Steakhouse

  • Nightclubs:

    Been there done that many moons ago

  • Beaches:

    Bill Baggs State Park, South Beach 10 Street

  • Museums:

    Does the Planeterium count?

  • Attractions:

    Vizcaya, The Everglades, Key West, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Matheson Hammocks

  • Neighborhoods:

    Coral Gables

  • Teams:

    Dolphins, Marlins, Heat

  • Secret Hangouts:

    My Lazy boy in front of my tv

  • Other:

    Miami is a beautiful place full of different nationalities, cultures and ideas to me its kinda like to melting pot of the United States, hope you enjoy this magical city and learn from its diversity


  • Birthday:

    May 11, 1965

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