Miami is to me...

latin-american.COLOMBIAN to be exact. living it up in the MAGIC city... in love with the scenery, the nightlife, and the people! Im a TROPICAL person by nature..Miami is a paradise to me..

  • Restaurants:

    I enjoy variety so i like a lot of restaurants, but it really depends what type of night I'm having. On casual nights, just want to hang out and catch a game or something i like Flannigan's, Monty's is a favorite, SCottys Landing, Hooters, The Sandbar, Wet Willies, The Sports Grill in Gameworks is alright, Jhonny Rockets is cool, Doral Ale house. Now if im goin actually have dinner with friends or as a couple then i LOVE Cheesecake Factory in the grove and Porcao in downtown and Smith & W...

  • Nightclubs:

    Pawnshop(R.I.P), Nocturnal, Space, Parkwest, Santo on Lincoln Road..GEM.Nikki Beach..Automatic Slims..Tantra..Mansion..Cameo..Hed Kandi, SET, Sky Bar..just a couple off the top

  • Beaches:

    definitely my favorite is South Pointe, but i also like the actual Miami beach on Lummus park its just too crowded most of the time. Crandon Park is also nice and Haullover beach is cool. Hollywood boardwalk is very nice also, soft sand.

  • Museums:

    Vizcaya, Children's museum..wannado city?

  • Attractions:

    Miami Seaquarium, Metro Zoo, Jungle Island, Bayside, Cocowalk, Port Of Miami(cruises), Duck Tours, The Barnacle, Coral Castle... everything in Miami is an attraction..try it all!

  • Neighborhoods:

    Coral Gables, Miracle Mile, Miami Beach, Coco Plum, Design District, Downtown, i really like the entire city, mostly the south part.Miami Gardens is the limit for me, anymore north and its just not the same.maybe downtown Fort Lauderdale..

  • Teams:

    HEAT fan since the Miami Arena and thunder Dan days!! Florida Marlins..CHAMPIONS 97' & 01' the Dolphins! i support all Miami teams

  • Secret Hangouts:

    small pier in the grove that looks out at the Bay..the beaches on the Rickenbacker Causeway on late nights.(the cops are cracking down there!) Jimbos Place..if you dont know bout it, youll never find

  • Other:

    Miami is a gorgeous city with beautiful people, and picturesque surroundings. We are lucky to live in such a haven and should take advantage of the Magic as long as we can.


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    April 7, 1987

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