Miami is to me...

I love Miami. Some say I'm obsessed. I like to say passionate. I'm always looking for the next adventure in my life. I love to be out doing things! I think is a great place to find out about what's going on and what people think of these places and events. I hope many more people participate!

  • Beaches:

    South Beach

    Ft. Lauderdale Beach, north of Sunrise Blvd.

  • Attractions:

    Lincoln Dr.

  • Neighborhoods:

    South Beach

    Coral Gables

    Coconut Grove

    Downtown Miami

    Downtown Ft. Lauderdale

  • Teams:

    The Marlins (and the Mets, because I have to)

  • Secret Hangouts:

    Bark Park, Fort Lauderdale

  • Other:

    Books & Books


  • Birthday:

    June 10, 1983

  • Location:

    Miami &

    Ft. Lauderdale

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