Miami is to me...

Joseph Alexander came into the world on August 30th, 1986. From a very early age, Joseph realized that the world was his oyster and he was going to suck it dry - no stone would be left unturned, all boundaries would be tested, and everything would be enjoyed to the max.

  • Restaurants:

    SUSHISAMBA dromo, Nexxt Cafe, Moon, Domo Japones, Broasia, Versailles, Havana Harrys, Lime, California Pizza Kitchen

  • Nightclubs:

    Azucar, Discotekka, Cameo, Florida Room, Dek 23, White Room, Circa 28, Vagabond, Glass

  • Beaches:

    Key Biscayne, South Beach

  • Museums:


  • Attractions:

    Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami Botanical Garden, Dadeland Mall, Sunset Place, Vizcaya

  • Neighborhoods:

    Coral Gables, Design District, South Beach, Mimo, Wynwood

  • Teams:

    Ewww... no sports.

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  • Birthday:

    August 30, 1986

  • Location:

    Miami, Florida

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