Miami is to me...

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  • Restaurants:

    Michaels in the Design District. Great service, real good food and UBER trendy. I also love Fortune Cookie on 6th street in South Beach. BEST fast food Chinese food ever. It's fresh, delicious and great portions. Also, their lunch specials are every day of the week and that comes in handy on lazy Sundays.

  • Nightclubs:

    It comes down to: a good DJ, a fun crowd and naturally being on the list. When all three happen, it's a great night no matter where you are.

  • Beaches:

    I actually love the beach space in Broward County - right on A1A between Sunrise and Oakland. Quiet, clean, nice waters, no propaganda. And steps from your car to the water. STEPS! You can't get that anywhere.

  • Museums:

    They're all nice. Love the World Erotic Art Museum.

  • Neighborhoods:

    all of them. Some I like to drive by, others I like to stroll around and some I would love to just live in.

  • Other:

    I started shooting other things besides "the party", but continue my work with several residencies like Poplife. And usually I want to know: What's in your MP3 player?


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