Miami is to me...

I B Ingrid B host and promoter of Spoken Word and everything urban in South Florida. Jamaican Born Bajan Bred Haitian fed I am Island Hear me roar America is where I roam.......... DAMMIT IM THE NICEST person I know LOLOLOL I am a walking contradiction who is ALWAYS consistent GO FIGURE. Secure in My Insecurities cant nobody love me betta than me....................I expect the BEST from everyone even when at their worst. I expect my friends and lovers to WORSHIP THE GROUND I WALK ON Because...

  • Restaurants:

    I Love Grand Luxe I know I know its a chain but I LOVE it...and there are some other spots taht I recently discovered but I dont remember the names

    one brazilian spot on 79th street and a meditteranian spot in Hollywood

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    LOVE HATE on Sunday night is where you can find me dancing and thats very rare No dress Code No Cover No drama..................


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    MAY 17th

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