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I'm a Miami girl--for real. Went to Curley (Go Knights!). Hung out at 163rd Mall back when it was like a club--a real, teenager-ravaged food court, movie theater, jordan marsh, jean nicole, etc. My dad used to take me to Treasure Island in the Omni Mall when I was little. And I remember when there was a theater there, too ($2.50 for matinee films). Here's the professional stuff: I was the Fashion Assistant for Honey and XXL Magazines back in the day—long hours, short paychecks. Helped to st...

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    Pacific Time Miami, Andiamo, Madame John, La Loggia, Nexxt Cafe, Azul, Michy's, Bamboo Garden--Yeah I know they got in trouble for health inspection drama. Hope they cleaned up their act.I miss Pineapple Blossom Tea Room. My house. Desperately seeking good Indian food.

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    Historical Museum of south florida


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    Cancerian, Baby!

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    Hell nah, No stalking the Hotel Editor

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