Miami is to me...

I live on South Beach and work for a dotcom in Doral. Moved here from the midwest 7 years ago.

  • Restaurants:

    Michys, Lost and Found Saloon, Ver Daddys, Le Sandwicherie, Bella Napoli, Macaluso's, A La Folie Cafe, Dogma, Aguacates

  • Nightclubs:

    I prefer lounges and dive bars. Club Deuce, The Abbey, The Room, Zekes, Amendment 21, Churchills.

  • Beaches:

    Bahia Honda State Park, South of 5th, South Beach volleyball courts

  • Museums:

    World Erotic Art Museum

  • Attractions:

    jai alai, spiegelworld, coral castle, monkey jungle, knaus berry farm, art deco

  • Neighborhoods:

    Upper Eastside, South Beach, Design District, Homestead

  • Teams:

    Of the S FL choices, the Marlins

  • Secret Hangouts:

    41st St and Flamingo Park dog parks, the Miami Circle, Peter Pans (Fort Lauderdale)


  • Birthday:

    March 4, 1978

  • Location:

    Miami Beach

  • Gender:


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