Miami is to me...

  • Restaurants:

    Mint Leaf! New Indian restaurant in Gables.. don't miss... extraordinary Indian food... owners have several restaurants in London. Amazing appetizers and variety -- quality and ambience wonderful. The prawns in masala sauce were soooo good.

    Love Prime Blu for lunch... Jaime really makes sure that you are taken care of and you and your guests have a great experience!

    Chicken Kitchen... got to love the cuban chop chop!

  • Neighborhoods:

    South Miami and Linclon Road... and Merrick Park...

  • Secret Hangouts:

    not telling.. wouldn't be a secret!

  • Other:

    Best Cupcakes.. Misha's... totally addictive... chocolate with vanilla frosting.. got to have them..!!


  • Birthday:

    Christmas Day!!

  • Location:

    Coral Gables

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