Ted Allen, a regular on the Top Chef, made his mark for his expertise on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Now that the show is in reruns, and most of the Fab Five have branched off into their own projects, they stay in touch mostly via text messages,

“Carson’s show is great, and Thom’s is good, too,” he said, referring to Carson Kressley’s How to Look Good Naked and Thom Filicia’s Dress My Nest. “I don’t see them very much because Tom and Carson both shoot in L.A. Jai (Rodriguez) moved to L.A. and Kyan (Douglas) just bought a house in Mexico and I don’t know what he’s doing – making tequila or growing weed or something.”

When he’s in Miami, it’s usually for work, but when he’s off the clock don’t expect to see him running around topless on the beach.

“I think of impossibly hot sexy people and I think I better not take off my shirt,” Ted said. “I am pasty and while mostly skinny I am a little bit fat and I have not good hair patterns on my chest. You people are too freakin’ cute for me, but you’re fun too look at.”

Thanks, Ted.

- Fred G.