Three Sisters Farm officially opening Saturday, October 13


Homestead's new "Agro-Tourism destination" debuting this month


By Lesley Abravanel |

The much anticipated Three Sisters Farm in Homestead, owned and operated by NYC chef transplant Jonathan Gambino, is finally about to open on Saturday, October 13. Serving only what they grow--tropical fruits, heirloom vegetables, sugar cane, scotch bonnet, yucca, Jamaican sorrel, onions, bay leaf, salt sourced straight from the Keys and more--the farm will take reservations every Friday and Saturday.  A Farm Meal will include a multiple-course, family style dinner or lunch, farm tour and gift. Plans for the future include a steady Sunday brunch with sporadic brunches thrown in until then. Farm Meal is $85 and brunch will be $45. Student discounts give 25% off. The farm will be open to the public Friday and Saturday (with Sunday brunch TBD) October through May. It's BYOB and there's no cork fee. For reservation inquiries, email or call 305-209-8335.

About the menu. According to Gambino, "There is no menu. Everything changes and will be changing like the season. The farm meal and tour will include a taste of everything growing at any particular time. Part of the excitement of nature is the continual rotation. When I was a chef in a restaurant, I never liked working around a menu because it gets stale and boring."

For a few hints, however, here's a list of the crops growing on Three Sisters Farm right about now:
bananas plantains yucca malanga yam sweet potato oaxacan green corn bokchoy pigeon peas jackfruit mulberry Carrots of many colors varieties: paris market danvers atomic purple scarlet nantes amarillo (yellow) heirloom tomatoes of many colors and varieties sungold cherokee purple green zebra brandywine yellow pear rosso siciliano federle san marzano black plum and many many more sugar cane scotch bonnets papayas starfruit chocolate pudding fruit mamey sapote sour orange keylime kale red cabbage amsterdam green cabbage snowball white and purple cauliflower de cicco broccoli detroit beets onions scallions ginger galangal ginger celery root lemon grass kolhrabi jaboticaba chinese cabbage cranberry hibiscus jamaican sorrel many types of lettuce calamondin jamaican cherry barbados cherry june plum avocado peaches mysore raspberry blackberry passion fruit edible flowers herbs and more herbs wild edibles and much more

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