Your New Wardrobe Staple: FER Convertible Scarf

Ladies, allow us to parlay your new wardrobe staple with Miami beginnings. Meet the FER Convertible Scarf — a scarf which turns into a bikini cover up, baby nursing cover, resort-style top, cardigan, shawl, infinity scarf, and more. We chat up FER Creator and former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Jenny Ortiz on her versatile and yummy-to-the-touch scarves.

Functional and fashion-forward, what makes your scarves a must have? It’s one of those lifestyle pieces that you need because it goes with any outfit at any time. One of the cool things about the FER is that it can dress you up or give you a more casual look. It literally goes with any outfit and any season. 

How did you drum up this design? About three years ago I was getting ready for a trip and I wanted to bring both a scarf and a cardigan with me but wanted to carry one on the plane. This is when my wheels started turning. I had extra fabric lying around from another project and started playing with it until I sewed together the prototype. I was in shock when I completed it and could not believe I hadn’t seen anything like it out there. At this point I was not thinking that I should sell it. I was just so excited to have a unique piece that I personally made and I knew no one had. Once I did my research and found that it really did not exist, I immediately began the patent process and created the finished product. 

Where are your scarves made? I’m so proud to say that they are made in the U.S.A. — specifically, Miami, Florida! 

You are a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader — how did you segue into fashion? I have always been a creative person which has I think led me to become an entrepreneur. However, cheering for the Dolphins opened me to the world of fashion and beauty which was pretty cool. This is also where I met my closest friends and some of the most ambitious women I know. I never thought I would have a fashion accessory and even being called a designer now is kinda strange to me, but there’s no way I could have not moved forward with the FER. I just honestly feel like every woman needs it.   

What’s the best advice you can give budding solo-prenuers? It’s completely normal to go through a million ideas before you choose the one you want to run with. And if you’re like me, you may even try a few things at a time. During this process, it’s really important to not let anyone influence or sway you away from your instincts or what you really want to do. If you do want to get someone’s opinion, make sure it’s a very positive person and even this person will never share your same passion about your ideas. I think if you are aware of this, you can go really far.