Your hair needs to be pampered even more in the summer months

What a fun time you had this weekend with time at the pool and the beach. Sadly your hair is paying for it now. In between the sun, chlorine, salt water and wind, strands require just as much protection as your skin does during Miami’s steamiest months. Turn your strands over to Philip Kingsley and find comfort in a product called Swimcap. It’s the next best thing to what Esther Williams donned back in the day. Cred? Oh yeah. It was launched at the request of the Olympic Synchronized Swimming team. Bonus: blondes won’t turn green in chlorine (hey that rhymes) and it provides amazing conditioning but is gentle enough for kids. For best results, apply in sections to dampened hair and work through evenly before exposure to the sun. The Philip Kingsley Swimcap is available for $35 at


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