YOLO Swingers Cruise 2010


Ahoy me hearties! Let me tell ye a tale of booty on the high seas—where saucy wenches swap their sea dogs for buccaneers and no one blinks an eye. Where lassies will shiver your timber and you’ll like it. Where ye might be bound and gagged, but not to walk the plank, just because it turns ye on.

It all goes down on the second-ever charter sail by YOLO Cruises, the travel company that caters to swinging couples. On board, swappers will partake in full nudity pool parties by day and sexually themed masquerade parties at night—kinda like that scene from Eyes Wide Shut, but with more Dramamine. The cruise, on Carnival’s ship Imagination, sets sail from Miami on October 29, 2010, which gives you plenty of time to get used to the idea of naked people using the water slide. Book now, or ye could be left behind with the other land lubbers. Blimey!


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