Xtend Barre

 There’s a reason that people covet the “dancer’s body” — the lean, sinewy, muscular physique that is dimple-free and cut in all the right places. SoBe Pilates, a studio recently opened on Arthur Godfrey Cswy., has a class that attempts to help you achieve just that. Their Xtend Barre class lets you plié your way to tighter thighs, a firmer butt and will target your saddlebags in a way you never thought possible.

The class is a potpourri of techniques, mixing Pilates moves, calisthenics, cardio, weights and abdominal exercises. But it is the bar work that will have your legs shaking underneath you, giving you flashbacks to those childhood ballet classes.

Instructor Tina Bassanese gently minds the class, pulling shoulders back into “proud” position, squaring unruly hips and counting down reps.  But when she has you on your third set of plie squats in the second position with your feet in relevé, you know she means business.

The class is a great total body workout, you won’t believe how heavy the two-pound weights will feel in your hands on the upper body portion ,and the abs section is challenging but not impossible. The bar work focuses on glutes, inner and outer thighs and buns and will have you huffing and puffing. The class is primarily fitness fanatics, but not intimidating.

SoBe Pilates doesn’t require memberships, participants just pay as they go. Each group class costs $34, but packages are available. For more information and schedules visit www.sobepilates.com.


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