Wilton Manors Volleyball

Saturday morning volleyball in Wilton Manors brings together a diverse group of people each week. Photo: Shay Howard.

There’s more to Wilton Manors than Georgie’s Alibi and the Ram Rod.

Saturday Morning Volleyball (SMV) originally began 2 years ago as a small group of friends coming together once a week for fresh air, sun on their faces, loads of cardio and an incredible amount of fun. Since then, SMV has grown considerably, with around 20 to 25 people now playing on any given Saturday.

Besides being a healthy alternative to the bar & club scene, what attracts people to SMV is the “safe space” they feel on the court. They never turn anyone away, all skill levels are welcome, and their only “requirement” (if you would truly call it one) is that players put fun first and winning a distant second.

SMV brings together a diverse group of people, from event coordinators and marketing directors to health care professionals and paralegal assistants. The majority are gay men; there are a couple of token heterosexual men and women, and more are welcome if they would like to play.

Organizer Whitten Hall claims, “What makes SMV special is that it gives players an opportunity to make new friends, and be who they are, in a comfortable, team-oriented atmosphere.”

Saturday Morning Volleyball, every Saturday @ 10 a.m., Hagen Park, Wilton Manors.

For further details, contact Whitten Hall at waveontheocean@gmail.com.


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