Where to drive a sports car in Miami

Brett David, CEO of Prestige Imports and Lamborghini Miami, shares with Miami.com his favorite places to drive in a sportscar Miami.


1. 395 MacArthur Causeway

The palm-tree lined MacArthur Causeway is one of the best places to drive in Miami. There’s something about coming out of Downtown Miami and entering South Beach in a top down Lamborghini Huracan, with the wind in your hair, the water all around you and the palm trees above. This experience purely defines Miami Beach.


2. I-95

Wanting to gather a little bit more speed? The number two driving destination would be I-95, our typical highway. I-95 gives it a vast variety of different lanes, and of course, some room to go a little bit faster than you can on city streets. 1-95 also provides the opportunity to experience your sports car on another level, with the engines stretched and the exhaust tone in your ear– but most importantly, drive safely. 



3. Collins Avenue (a.k.a. A1A)

Driving on Collins Avenue in a sports car symbolizes the whole “A1A Beachfront Avenue” from every old school song. This is Miami and the Deco Drive scenery of Miami Beach and Collins, really shows what Miami’s all about. Slow speeds but great views! The reactions of people admiring the sports cars is a plus as well!



4. Homestead Racetrack

Homestead Racetrack, when you want to be in a contained environment, gives you such a vast variety of different terrains. From the inner road course, to the oval, it gives you a chance to really understand and feel what these vehicles are all about. Best way to feel like a racecar driver!



5. Biscayne Boulevard

Biscayne Boulevard hasn’t been the same since 1977 when Prestige Imports Lamborghini Miami popped up between 148th and 151st.. Driving past that always gives everybody an opportunity for people to break a neck, as they sit there and drool over the crazy sports cars on Biscayne.