Web Gems – Lil' Scarface

Look what we found today on the web.

A hysterical (or perhaps horrifying) version of “Scarface” – the famous Al Pacino Cuban-gangster movie based in Miami – complete with grade school kids playing all the parts and spewing the word “fudge” in place of the f-word. (Click on the video to the right of this story)

Well, it’s not an actual school play – despite the realistic feel.

According to TMZ.com, the play “is the work of director Marc Klasfeld and Rockhard Films who did the videos for Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” and Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment.” It was produced in L.A. within the last few weeks and the audience members were a mix of cast family members, colleagues and friends.”

Lil’ Tony and his co-stars were selected through a casting agent known for finding child actor look-alikes for adult stars.


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