Watch Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video

The video for Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” is out on youtube. Directed by Francis Lawrence, who directed Will Smith in “I am Legend” and has also directed videos for Britney Spears (“I’m A Slave 4 U”), Jennifer Lopez (“Waiting for Tonight”) and Justin Timberlake (“Rock Your Body”) to name a few.

“I wanted somebody with a tremendous understanding of how to make a pop video, because my biggest challenge working with directors is that I am the director and I write the treatments and I get the fashion and I decide what it’s about and it’s very hard to find directors that will relinquish any sort of input from the artist,” Gaga said to “But Francis and I worked together.”

“There’s this one shot in the video where I get kidnapped by supermodels. I’m washing away my sins and they shove vodka down my throat to drug me up before they sell me off to the Russian mafia,” Gaga describes one of her favorite scenes in “Bad Romance.”

No vodka necessary here, the video is stunningly stylish and very easy to swallow.


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