Warsaw turns 20 at Twist with Robin S.

Do you remember when the South Beach nightlife scene was not inundated with VIP sections, bottle service and tacky celebrity endorsed parties?

Before there was a Jerry’s Famous Deli on the corner of Collins and 14th street, there was The Warsaw Ballroom, or better known as WARSAW.

Celebrate Warsaw’s 20th anniversary at Twist this Friday, January 29. Listen to DJ David Padilla, (Warsaw’s resident DJ) spin classics that will throw you back, recalling why so many flocked to the epicenter of the best house/dance music on the beach that was once Warsaw.

Join Robin S as she performs her 1993 hit “Show Me Love.” Also on deck are drag performers Kitty Meow, Wildchild, Adora, Pussla and Miss Foxy.

Twist, 1057 Washington Ave., Miami Beach (next to the 11th Street Diner) Party starts at 11 p.m. ends at 5 a.m. No cover

Check out a recent interview with Robin S by Michael Hamersly:

Fans of old-school dance music will certainly recognize the name Robin S, who scored an enduring hit in the mid-’90s with Show Me Love, worked with house legend Todd Terry, and later added five No. 1 tracks on the Billboard dance charts. Check out the house diva Friday night at Twist on South Beach, where the boys are, and where all the action will be. The singer-songwriter took time on Wednesday night – her 48th birthday – to talk to Miami.com about her show, the gay community, and singers she admires.

Q: Your publicist told me today is your birthday, but Wikipedia lists it as April 27. What’s up with that?

A: Wikipedia’s wrong – today’s definitely my birthday. What a surprise.

Q: Well, happy birthday! What are you doing to celebrate?

A: Right now, nothing – I’m just too tired. I’ve been running all day and I just don’t know what’s coming. I’m just happy to be alive.

Q: How did you end up landing the gig at Twist?

A: I’d done a show in Miami awhile ago and they wanted to put together a nice videotape with everything. It’s been a year lapse in between, and they promised that they’d call me when they’d be able to do that. They’re gonna take some shots when I’m there and put them together with some old performances.

Q: What can we expect from your show?

A: A lot of energy. I don’t tell all my secrets. Just expect a lot of energy.

Q: Why do you think you have such a strong appeal to the gay community?

A: I don’t know. I’m glad that I do, but I really don’t know. I don’t make music that’s dedicated to one particular genre or a group of people. I make music to make people happy. And if it carries you away and it takes you there and it brings you back, then I’m happy – I’m good.

Q: Are you working on anything new in the studio, or new projects?

A: Yes I am. I’m working with several DJs with different material and I’m also working on my own album.

Q: What kind of DJs? House?

A: Yeah, like David Guetta-style.

Q: What do you think of today’s young female singers? Any favorites?

A: Ha! Well, I’ll always be a Mary J. Blige fan. I love Keyshia Cole and I like Ledisi and Chrisette Michele. But I like the oldies, too. I’m still in love with Patti [Labelle], and I still love Aretha [Franklin].

Q: What do you think of American Idol?

A: I think it’s a great venue for people to get noticed. Even if they don’t make it, you know, the world is watching. So it’s an excellent venue for people who would not have otherwise been given the opportunity to display their talent.

Q: Would you have done it if it were available back when you were young enough?

A: Absolutely. I actually did what could be called my-time version of American Idol – I did Showtime at the Apollo. I competed against Stephanie Mills, and you know who won, right? Stephanie Mills.

Q: How often do you get down to Miami?

A: Not often enough! I like the sun, and I like the heat. And when it’s cold, I like to retreat.


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