Violin Jazz Festival concert series

South Florida musicians will pay homage to the violin at a festival in Little Havana later this month.

The second annual Violin Jazz Festival concert series will honor the musical instrument featuring world-class violinist performing jazz on Sept. 29 and 30 at the Cubaocho Art and Research Center. Gala night will be on Saturday, with admission costing $10 to $20. There will be a free street concert on Sunday.

It’s a different type of music, said organizer Ruben Abella.

“Most classical violinists play looking at established musical notes, where jazz violinists don’t. It flows from the heart,” he said.
The musicians performing include Grammy nominee Federico Britos, as well as Nicole Yarling, Issac Gutman and more. Each performance will be for an hour followed by a jam session for a half hour.

Abella said the festival brings something new to South Florida.

“This event brings a new genre of music to our community, enhancing our musical awareness and enriching our knowledge of diverse musical instruments,” he said.

The violin is a string instrument and usually has four stings. Out of the violin family, it is the smallest, highest-pitched instrument. The viola, cello and double bass also are a part of the violin family. Stringed instruments originated in central Asia.

Other performers playing different instruments also will be on hand, like this year’s Grammy nominee percussionist Edwin Bonilla, pianist Chuchito Valdes, flutist Rene Lorente, drummer Carlomagno Araya, and guitarist Jorge Garcia.

The festival will serve as a musical education, Abella said.

“People should attend because they will be exposed to world-class musicians, artists from different places that you can’t see regularly here,” he said.

For information call 305-285-5880. For the Saturday event, reservations are suggested.


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