Ultimate guide to luxury seats at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium

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Football season has arrived in Miami, and this year that means several new options to experience a game like a VIP (aside from LIV nightclub at Sun Life Stadium). The Miami Dolphins are halfway through a 2-year renovation of Sun Life Stadium that will culminate with an open-air canopy to provide shade and rain shelter in 2016. But for 2015 there are a handful of new seating options that combine luxury and access into unique game day experiences. These same areas are available for University of Miami home games, and will be for the Orange Bowl game on Dec. 31, 2015, which this year plays host to one of college football’s national semifinals.

As always, tickets are available through the Miami Dolphins website (for NFL games) and the Miami Hurricanes ticket office (for NCAA games). And you can always check third-party sites like StubHub.com or NFL Ticket Exchange for some of the same seats.

So let’s take a look at where you could experience football like a VIP:

North Sideline Club
Average price: $125 per game
Available for 2015 season: Yes, via Dolphins website or by phone
Located behind the visiting team’s bench between the 30-yard lines, these 2,414 seats feature plenty of padding for comfort. The first 10 rows of this section are also closer to the field than in previous years. Ticketholders have access to the private club directly underneath the seats with plenty of bars (3) and seating and food options. Giant TV screens mean you won’t miss the action, and you will certainly enjoy the air conditioning on sizzling Sunday afternoons. The cost of food and beverage from the private club is not included with your ticket.

Corner Terraces
Average price: $1,000 per table with four seats; individual seats are available
Available for 2015 season: Yes, via Dolphins website or by phone
Each corner of the stadium now has four stacked levels of tables with four rotating chairs per table to enjoy the game from a unique vantage point. (Think of it like watching a game at a sport bar at a high top table, but surrounded by 65,000 of your closest friends.) Enjoy plenty of elbow room, a place to set down your food and drink, or tally your fantasy football league points. Perfect for families or small groups. There is no food or beverage included in the price of your ticket, but you are close to some of the Dolphins newest concessions and craft beer tap rooms.

The Nine Suites
Average price: Doesn’t matter because you can’t afford it.
Available for 2015 season: No. Sold out. Unless your uncle Vito has connections.
These nine suites, designed by the Rockwell Group and located on the home sideline between the 30 yard lines, are the most expensive in all of the NFL. Each suite comes with 16 tickets and 4 pre-game field passes, along with access to the common lounge and restaurant area. Not only are all of your food and drinks included (spirits, too), but you have 8 leather seats with in-seat service and televisions at your disposal, plus a stand up bar table and a large couch area for the rest of your guests to view the game from the closest suite to the field in the stadium.

Bokampers MVP Club
Average price per ticket: $275 per game
Available for 2015 season: Yes
The former Duffy’s space features an all-inclusive ticket that comes with a buffet spread and all the beer and wine you can drink (soda and water, too). Think of it like one giant shared open-air suite. All of the live NFL games are on multiple TV screens, and seats are assigned by your ticket – this isn’t first come, first served for seating. It’s a perfect setting if you are looking for an affordable all-inclusive experience with medium to large groups.

Field Club
Average price: Between $1,125 and $1,625 per game for four seats
Available for 2015: No. Sold out. Call now for 2016 spots.
These 14 boxes (4 seats in each) are located behind each end zone and feature some of the most plush, comfortable seats in the entire stadium. You are a couple yards behind the end zone and what feels like directly underneath the goal posts. So if you are lucky, a post-touchdown celebratory leap could come your way. The seats come in groups of four (just over $280 per seat if you split with friends) and includes access through the field tunnels to a private club, depending on which end zone you sit behind (EMC Atos or Ford Field). From the Ford Field club you have windows to view the Dolphins as they make their way onto the field for player introductions. Food and drink (beer and wine) is included at the private clubs, as well as VIP parking.

72 Club
Average price per game: $1,000
Available for 2015: No. Sold out.
These 598 seats are second only to The Nine Suites, when it comes to luxury football. Upon arrival you will enter the stadium grounds via your own private lane and have the option to valet your car, park in a VIP parking space, or get dropped off by a team arranged car service. Each seat (which is double-padded and located at midfield) includes access to the 72 Club below the stadium, a three-room bar and restaurant featuring buffet meals, craft beer and cocktails, and plenty of tables, chairs and couches to hang out and watch all of the NFL games. Food and drink are included (spirits, too), as is the ability to stand behind the Dolphins bench and watch the game. In-seat service is also provided.

72 Club Living Room Boxes
Average price per season: $75,000 per box
Available for 2015: No. Sold out.
Located on either side of the 72 Club seats on the 35-yard line and below the Nine Suites, there are 28 4-person boxes and four 6-person boxes. The boxes feature four oversized seats that recline, up to four private televisions at your disposal, a drawer for personal items, and another compartment for your tablet. Access to the 72 Club restaurant and lounge is included, along with food and beverages (spirits, too). Just like the 72 Club seats, premium parking options and complimentary in-seat service is included.