Ugg & Jimmy Choo


Every once in a Tiffany-blue moon, the fashion gods answer my prayers and deliver exciting fashion collaborations.

Think Murakami and Louis Vuitton (genius!). Madonna and H&M (sold out in seconds!). Stella McCartney and Adidas (adorbs!). Kate Moss and Top Shop (fab!). Rachel Zoe and Judith Lieber (I die!). Alexa Chung and Madewell… the list goes on and on.

Last week they really outdid themselves in the form of the Ugg Australia & Jimmy Choo capsule collection. Avaialble at your Jimmy Choo boutique or online, the limited-edition line fuses the iconic Ugg sheepskin boot with the creativity of Tamara Mellon’s Jimmy Choo.

Starting at $595, Chuggs don’t come cheap, but if you follow the cost-per-wear ratio (total cost of the item divided by estimated number of days you’ll wear it equals the cost per wear) they’re well worth the splurge.

And here’s a celeb tidbit: Nicki Hilton scored the Starlit style (pictured).

Leopard print, brass stars, nickel studs, fringe details and more make these boots walking works of art.



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