Top 4 Things to do at Florida Supercon

A comic book lover’s paradise, Florida Supercon returns with four days of celebrity guests Q & As, artist appearances, cosplay, and more. Here are the top four reasons to dress up like Luke Skyywalker and head over to the Miami Airport Convention Center.

1. Musical Guests

Florida Supercon has a packed schedule of musical entertainment with headliner ska punk band Less Than Jake, taking the stage on Friday at 9 p.m. Check out electronica with Celldweller, Brit new wave band Astari Nite, thrash with Atrocitus, get a dose of J-Pop with Chii Sakurabi and more. Full line up here.

2. Artists

They are what Supercon is all about: The artists who bring the fantasies to the page. Rock stars of the comic world like Neal Adams (Batman, Green Lantern, Avengers, X-Men, Superman, Deadman), Carmine Infantino (Creator/Co-Creator The Flash, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Black Canary), Olivier Coipel (Mighty Thor, Siege, House of M, Avengers vs. X-Men) and more will be available to chat with fans and give autographs. 

3. Celebrity Appearances

So it’s not always the huge stars that hit the convention circuit, but most of the actors that make it to the events are only a few degrees away from Kevin Bacon, or someone named Kevin. 30 Rock fans can meet Scott Adsit (Liz Lemon’s faithful production supervisor Pete), some of the kids from the Hunger Games (none that you would know by name, but still) and  Britta Phillips, the voice of JEM (yes, of JEM and the Holograms!) among many others.

4. Costume Contests

Halloween is four months away and yet it’s just fine to dress up like Princess Leia. Supercon is the place to become your fantasy, if only for a few hours. Want to be Ned Stark? Do it! Batman? What’s stopping you? You can even make up your own superhero and parade around like you own the place. Make sure to stop by the Cosplay photo booth to get a few snaps of your get-up. If you want to enter the contests make sure to pass by the Cosplay Information Booth (#1007) so you can battle others for cosplay domination.





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