Tommy Hilfiger’s Brother Launches Clothing Line


Tommy Hilfiger’s brother Andrew Charles Hilfiger is showcasing his new rock and roll themed clothing line named Andrew Charles at the Moore Building tonight as part of Funkshion.The musician/ fashion designer/ business man will also be making an appearance at Macy’s in Aventura on Sunday where he will be performing with Click Clack Boom. We chatted up Hilfiger on his unisex collection, why he decided to do a fashion show in Miami and why Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler inspired everything from the garbs to the accessories.

Why did you launch Andrew Charles this September and when did you get the idea to do this rock n’ roll inspired line? My brother and I have always wanted to do something with music and fashion.We signed Steven Tyler and his daughter to be our ambassadors. Steven had a lot of creative input to the collection. 


So, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler inspired the men’s line. Why? He’s always been an inspiration in fashion and music. We took his aesthetic like flare jackets, scarves, leopard prints… All of which he is known for and incorporated it into the designs.


What does Mr. Tyler think about the line? He saw some of the product in development stages. We showed him sketches and boards. He loves it. He’s excited. 

Why did you choose to come to Miami and showcase your line at Funkshion tonight? Miami is a very important market to us. There’s no place like Miami. I’ve spent so many weekends at The Raleigh. I used to play at a couple of clubs on Washington in the 80s. I’m also doing a meet/greet at Macy’s and I’ll perform a few songs with Click Clack Boom. 

What’s the reaction been thus far to the line? It’s been great. We have faux leather jackets that have been on reorder. We have a lot of pieces that are reorder.



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