Tom Green

Tom Green

If you go see Tom Green’s comedy show, you definitely want to turn off your cellphone.

If you don’t, the Canadian funnyman – on a Miami stop on his World Stand-up Comedy Tour – might put you in his act, which focuses on social networking.

“I actually talk about things that I think are important; specifically, what my generation is going through,” says Green. “There are a lot of transitions with the way media works, with the way people communicate with one other — Facebook, telephones, text messaging, things like this.”

Great material, but actually serious stuff.

“I think it’s going to bite us in the ass, this social networking craze. I’m sort of analyzing how it’s changing everybody’s lives. [People] are getting completely messed up and screwed by this thing. We’re really going to give away all our information. We’re all screwed!”

But don’t expect a public service announcement; Green is still an extremely funny guy.

“I’m wasted right now,” the Stealing Harvard star, 38, deadpans. “No, I’m not really. I’ve actually quit drinking because of this tour.”

A hangover would only slow down his trip around the globe, which had him performing 14 shows in 18 days.

“I’ve learned to pace myself. There are tricks to keeping your energy up on the road,” says Green, who lives in L.A. “One is going to bed early and not drinking too many alcoholic beverages at the club or at the bar after the show and just trying to keep a positive attitude.”

One thing that keeps Green upbeat is his online talk show, Tom Green’s House Tonight, which he has hosted out of his living room for almost four years. Appearing on , the show is wacky and puerile, with shades of his old eponymous MTV show. But this time, Green’s often the straight man and his guests — like Andrew Dice Clay, Norm McDonald and Road Trip co-star Andy Dick — are out of control.

Booze may be to blame: “In many of the old episodes you can see I’m visibly drunk during the taping, and usually my guests would be drunk as well.”

But Green is not all about gross-out humor anymore.

“Pamela Anderson came up to the house. She’s probably one of my dream guests. Maybe the reason I started the show, to be honest with you.”


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