Tips for GREAT Summer Hair in Miami

Toes in the sand. Warm breezes. Barbecues. Summer is the most carefree time of year, which means high-maintenance hair just won’t do. Salon Vaso Owner Vaso Spirou offers expert advice on how to beat the heat and maintain healthy, shiny hair all summer long.

Essential Oils: According to Spirou, essential oils are great for maintaining smooth, shiny hair during the summer season. Her favorite summer beauty product is Phyto’s Phytoplage for ultra dry hair, a protective sun oil with maximum sun protection. This oil will protect your mane while giving ultimate shine. Spirou’s secret is to dilute an ampule of the Phyto’s Phytoplage Oil in a spray bottle with water and spritz on your hair before going out in the sun. It’s the perfect addition to your beach bag this summer.  

Color Gloss: A great way to control unruly hair in the summer time is with color gloss. Spirou raves color glossing is the secret to keeping hair healthy and full of shine during hot, humid days. She recommends using color gloss treatments on your hair as often as once every six weeks, even if it’s just a clear gloss.

At Home Hair Care: After shampooing and conditioning your hair, Spirou proposes rinsing well with cold water and using the cold button on your blow dryer. This cool down will calm your hair cuticle and give extra shine. Spirou advises to stay away from products that have creamy consistencies and suggests giving your hair a quick spritz of Alfaparf Semi di Lino Cristalli Illuminating Finishing Spray for an added boost of brilliance.

No-Heat Styling: Spirou recommends limiting heat styling to just once a week during the hot summer months. To prevent damage and dryness, she recommends using Alfaparf Midollo di Bamboo Therapy, a deep conditioning treatment, which treats over-processed and/or dry hair. Spirou advises leaving the recharging mask in your hair with a shower cap on while doing daily chores around the house. She shares that putting a shower cap on your hair with the treatment allows your body’s natural heat to better activate the product.

And she’s offering some saving for local and visitor’s alike at her SoBe salon. Beginning June through the end of August, Salon Vaso’s special summer offerings include: 

·Summer Spritz: Enjoy a signature color glaze with complimentary blowout ($60)

·Champagne Shimmer: Enjoy an expert blow out, spa manicure and a glass of bubbly ($60)

·Endless Summer: Enjoy warm, butterscotch highlights and a nourishing color gloss – two of the hottest trends for summer ($120)

Prepare to be the mane event.