Tigertail Productions launches season at Wynwood Walls

Pat Oleszko is an Udder Delight at Tigertail's party

Before the ballet, before the Rhythm Foundation, before South Beach, before Wynwood, before just about all the other arts groups and scenes operating in Miami, there was Mary Luft’s Tigertail Productions. She began bringing cutting edge artists to Miami thirty-five years ago, when paintings of palm trees were still trendy. Luft is still radical and still going; on Tuesday she had HER kick-off party at the Wynwood Walls. Artists love Mary – choreographer/director/performer/agitator Octavio Campos, theater-maker Teo Castellanos, teen poets from Tigertail’s Wordspeak program (the next one is Dec. 27 at Books and Books), and choreographer Rosie Herrera, decoratively decked in an S&Mish black rubber net catsuit, and many more turned out.

The name attraction was Pat Oleszko, down from New York, who’s been making subversively funny body/visual/blow-up art since the 70’s. Oleszko was there as Udder Delight, looking like the walking bunch of grapes in the Fruit of the Loom commercials, except the grapes are white and red blow-up breasts. She was inviting people to peer between the legs of another of her creations, Womb With A View, a giant blow-up doll who opened up with a zipper between her legs. “I love it, they’re like johns in a whorehouse,” Oleszko said, as people lined up, smirking and giggling, and, occasionally, refusing to stick their head between even a rubber woman’s legs. “What, without a condom!” one man shrieked, as his friend dived in. Sex and art and silliness, perfect.


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