TigerDirect's Holiday Tech Bash

Gadget nerds unite at the Miami tech extravaganza, TigerDirect Tech Bash, set to take over Marlins Park on Thursday, Nov. 7 with wall-to-wall products, experiences and demos for the tech savvy to test drive. Try out the Oculus Rift, the new Virtual Reality headset. Get first dibs on new technology like iON Worldwide’s Air Pro 3 plus the latest in their line of lightweight Point-of-View cameras. SONY will launch a new laptop at the Bash and WB Engineering and Monad Studio will dazzle attendees with their ever-expanding 3D printing technology.

The event will also feature plenty of entertainment, like a “tech” circus with stilt walkers and clowns plus some of the top skaters and BMX pros will be on hand to check try the BMX/Sk8 demo being built for the Bash.

Top 11 Must-See Tech Attractions
1. Adventures with the Oculus Rift
Attendees get to try out the cool new Virtual Reality headset that has all the tech blogs aflutter, calling the Rift the next big step in gaming technology.

2. First Looks, First Buys
Electronics company iON Worldwide is bringing out their Air Pro 3, and their newest addition in the super-successful line of lightweight POV cameras will be up for sale, to boot.

3. See SONY Run
Always ready with news before the holidays, SONY is using the Tech Bash to unveil a brand new laptop computer. Little has been revealed about the newest addition to SONY’s line.

4. Skater Boiz
The folks at iON are also bringing Florida’s coolest skaters and BMX pros to indulge in the Bash. Veterans of the BMX/ Skating world Rob Nolli and Tom Haugen will be joined by Chad Degroot and Dante Debose to check out the BMX/ Sk8 demo being built for the Bash.

5. All Life is a Circus
TigerDirect.com is teaming up with The LAB Miami to create a tech circus, complete with stilt walkers and clowns amidst the tech demonstrations and unveils happening all around.

6. 3D Printing
People never tire of the 3D process using digital technology. No longer just for internal prototypes, WB Engineering and Monad Studio will be showing off everything that makes 3D printing useful and fun.

7. Robotics
Domo Arigato, indeed! Florida International University is joining the fun with an inside-look on what the wonderful world of robotics means. The team at FIU will show how we’re not that far off from the stuff of sci-fi futuristic movies.

8. A Trip to the Museum
The Miami Science Museum is bringing a couple of their tech-friendly exhibits down to the stadium for another delightful dose of information and entertainment.

9. Web Congress is in Effect
Joining up with a tech conference happening at the James L. Knight Center, the two-day Web Congress will include tech talks and demos, like the groundbreaking Google Glass, along with several intimate workshops. Consider it the more down-key, in-depth summit.

10. Hardware Hackers
Of the many workshops and demonstrations going on in Marlins Park, people can also learn more about the Raspberry Pi mini-computers, and how to make Xbox Kinect work for you.

11. Get ready for battle with AMD and Battlefield 4
Swing by the AMD booth to show off your combat skills in Battlefield 4, this season’s hottest game, on PCs powered by AMD. While you’re there, don’t miss the latest PC titles showcased on today’s most immersive gaming technologies.