TigerDirect Tech Bash: Six things to look out for

TigerDirect Tech Bash returns to Marlins Park this Friday with a showcase of interactive entertainment, brand activations, emerging technology and an extreme sports showcase. Businesses, gamers and tech geeks alike will be able to peruse the latest programs, portable computing devices, gaming rigs, consumer electronics, home theater and networking solutions plus big tech brands like Intel, HP, Dell and Lenovo will use the event to launch their latest products. Many of the big companies are keeping their big reveals hush hush, but here are things to look for at this year’s Tech Bash.

1. ImmersiON-Vrelia’s “The Go” Virtual Reality Headset
This new virtual reality headset has numerous applications: aerospace, medical, training, education, simulations, architecture. But it is also going to be a hit with gamers, who will feel immersed in their cyber worlds. The head mounted display is compatible with most smart phones and comes loaded with a software development kit, adjustable optics, and the “AlterSpace” content creation platform.

2. Virtual Graffiti Wall by Foto Boyz
Attendees can take photos, which will be projected on to huge panels to be customized in all kinds of crazy way with infrared spray cans, graphics, texts and other design elements that can be printed or sent straight to social media.

3. Bitcoin Pavilion promoting all things Bitcoin
For those who think paper money is so 2000 and late, pass by the Bitcoin Pavilion where you can buy bitcoin at the Bitcoin ATM, read up on the virtual currency in yBitcoin magazine and chat with bitcoin vendors Bitmain, Pheeva and NimbusMining.

4. The Finals competition for the TigerDirect Build Your Own PC Race
The county fair has the hot dog eating contest and Tech Bash has this: Contestants from around the U.S. race to build entire an entire PC in record time. Average times are around three minutes, so if you blink you could miss it.

5. Free rides from Uber
TigerDirect has teamed with Uber to offer first-time riders free rides (up to $20 off) with a TigerDirect-themed discount code. To take a free ride in style with Uber, Tech Bash attendees must download the Uber app, enter the special promo code TECHBASH14 and then request a ride. Uber easy.

6.  Autograph Signing by HEAT Player Mario Chalmers
You’ve seen him on the screen, now see him in the flesh as the Miami Heat point guard sits for a free autograph signing session with fans from 8:30-9:30 p.m.