The Strip

Saturday nights on Lincoln Road: gourmet pizza, 20 languages, Ed Hardy tees, street performers, and designer dogs that seem too tiny to contain all the essential organs. What’s missing?

Throw some nipple tassles in the mix, along with erotic contortionism and sky-high swings reserved for naughty antics. The Strip,a new boudoir-style nightclub that opens next weekend, will bring all these salient components to 330 Lincoln Road (Rumi’s former location). The club’s overhauled decor is inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, back when Bogart and Bacall were the bee’s knees, and everyone looked friggin’ glam, even while doing the dishes. Twelve-foot crystal chandeliers, tufted velvet seating and leather clad walls envelop the two levels, which will feature four or five burlesque performers each night.

Also appearing: a roster of outlandish entertainers, like androgynous chameleon Wildchild and vocalist Tokyo Diiva. DJ Jeffrey Tonnensen is overseeing musical selections, while choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard coordinates the crazy menagerie (he’s worked with Usher and Missy Elliot, but you might recognize him as Brooke’s Hogan’s BFF from her reality show). Don’t miss the peep-show lingerie booth on the second floor, and expect some teasing from the bartenders, too.

The club will be the only establishment in Miami-Dade that offers up burlesque-style entertainment on the regular. Originating in 17th century Europe as a form of theatrical parody, burlesque performances often combined music with sketches that ridiculed political happenings, social constructs, and more established performance arts like the opera. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that bawdy Americans put their own risque twist on it, incorporating striptease into the formula and creating the spectacle that we know burlesque to be in modern times.

But it’s not all about T&A—the performances often feature lavish sets, dramatic music and lighting, and even a dash of lyrical wit. See the spectacle for yourself during the club’s opening nights, Thursday, March 4th through Saturday, March 6th. Doors open at 11 p.m. Email your RSVP for any of the nights to


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