The Dan Patrick Show – Live!

Taking the show on the road has reached a whole new level, thanks to Dan Patrick and DirecTV.

Patrick, the iconic sportscaster who was at  ESPN for 18 years and currently co-anchors NBC’s Sunday night NFL studio show, hosts his popular radio show weekedays from 9 a.m. to noon and it’s simulcast live on DirecTV’s Channel 101.

For their remote broadcasts from Miami Beach for the Super Bowl, DirecTV unveiled Patrick’s own “Man Cave” – a tractor-trailer converted into a mobile dorm room. The adolescent version of the Madden Cruiser (the bus that used to cart former NFL analyst John Madden from game to game) has future stops planned for Daytona (Daytona 500) and Anaheim (Major League Baseball All-Star Game).

“This is the Maddening Cruiser,” Patrick said. “I think John’s accommodations are still a bit nicer than this, but this is sort of like if your college dorm could be on the road with you.”

From bunk beds to fold out beds to a bathroom, shower and plenty of flat screens, the rig, decorated in sports memorabilia, is the envy of all radio hosts. It even has a spot for a keg, an outdoor basketball court and a rooftop putting green.

 “I just said if you can put everything that we need then we can take this on the road and spend a week  – whether it’s Daytona or spring training,” Patrick said. “Man Caves (from the DIY Network) came back and DirecTV had this truck and they said, ‘Allright, let us go to town on it.’”

The mobile studio is just the latest mark in what appears to be a perfect match for Patrick and DirecTV after they joined forces in 2009. Patrick had always been a fan of DirecTV’s sports programming, and liked how they stayed ahead of the curve.

“I like the fact that I was in business with somebody who was pushing the envelope. Therefore they would let us do the same – we’d just tag along for the ride,” Patrick said. “They made it happen, embraced it and hopefully are happy with the end result.”

Catch the show on Miami Beach at 21st and Collins, between the W Hotel and the Setai Hotel. Patrick along with the “Dannettes” – his trusty quartet of quirky colleagues who keep the show running smoothly while enjoying a cult-like following among fans – broadcast outside the rig, shoot hoops during commercial breaks and deal with surprise guests every day.


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