Technosluts Anniversary Party

How do you know you’re a technoslut?

The characteristics are vast. Technosluts defy classification–kinda like that arthropod that scientists will find next month, skittering across the dark depths of the sea. Technosluts and friends are on their own branch of the evolutionary tree, in a place where the raver club kids, fetishists, goths, freaks and accountants who like their nipples clamped, all intersect.

This motley collective of artists usually converges upon Fort Lauderdale’s Voodoo Lounge for their semi-regular party, where black-out contact lenses, tickler whips, and hair like Fruit Stripe bubblegum are not out of the ordinary. They give attendees a healthy dose of electro and experimental sounds, alongside live fetish performances (some planned, others impromptu). For their fourth anniversary on July 3, they’re bringing their hardcore brand of Saturday night entertainment to downtown Miami. It’s going to be a total audio/visual assault, like, in a good way.

The ten-hour blowout features a live performance by Combichrist, whose jarring aggrotech sound would make Justin Beiber fans cry for mommy. Local aural aurteur Otto Von Shirach is also slated to appear, with backup from Peasants With Feathers. Plenty of fetish play will go on through the night, including shows by Rubberdoll and Rebecca of Rebecca’s Rubber Room, while a full slate of DJs keeps three rooms pounding all night.

Tickets to the Technosluts Four-Year Anniversary are $25 in advance. It all goes down Saturday, July 3 at Mekka, 950 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami. Gotta be 18+ to get in, 21 to drink; no strict dress code, but erotic/fetish/goth/freak/hardcore or downright slutty attire is highly encouraged.


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