Swim Week 2013 Schedule

The hot models! The skimpy bikinis! The sweltering shows! Yes, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim is back July 18 to 22. Touted for being the best-in-swim productions, here is a complete list of invitation-only fashion shows that will be heating up The Raleigh for the 2013 season:

Thursday, July 18th
8-10 p.m. The Raleigh – Official Kick Off Party, Celebrating 25 years of Roxy with Roxy Pop Surf
Friday, July 19th
6 p.m.   Cabaña Grande – Agua Bendita
7 p.m.   Oasis – Poko Pano         
8 p.m.   Cabaña  Grande – Dolores CoRTés          
9 p.m.   Oasis – Suboo  
10 p.m. Cabaña Gande – Beach Bunny
Saturday, July 20th
6 p.m.   Cabaña Grande – Nicolita
7 p.m.   Oasis – Aqua Di Lara      
8 p.m.   Cabaña Grande – Mara Hoffman Swim
9 p.m.   Oasis – Vix Paula and Hermanny
10 p.m. Cabaña Grande  –  Cm Cia.Maritima
Sunday, July 21th
2:30 p.m. Tba –  Gottex
3 p.m.      Tba – Oakley  
6 p.m.      Cabaña Grande – L*Space by Monica Wise      
7 p.m.      Oasis – A.Z Araujo       
8 p.m.      Cabaña Grande – Luli Fama     
9 p.m.      Oasis – Caffé Swimwear
10 p.m.    Cabaña Grande- Maaji Swimwear
Monday, July 22nd
6 p.m.    Cabaña Grande – Sauvage and Zingara Swimwear
7 p.m.   Oasis – 6 Shore Road    
8 p.m.   Cabaña Grande – A.Ché Swim, Aguaclara, AquaRella, and Caitlin Kelly Swimwear
9 p.m.   Oasis – Minimale Animale


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