Sweaty Miamians do it more

Local forecast: Sunny with scattered thunderstorms. Chance for gettin’ booty: extremely high.

A recent survey by Trojan, the maker of your favorite drugstore rubbers, reveals that hotter temperatures and rainy weather lead to increased sexual frequency and satisfaction—so it’s no surprise that wet and muggy Miami tops the stats when it comes to copulation.

Miamians have sex most frequently (102 times per year, compared with 87 times nationally) and also do it the longest (35 minutes per session versus 27 minutes nationally). That means we’re having sex about every three and a half days, and about 3,570 minutes (that’s 59.5 hours!) a year.

Colder cities like Minneapolis (64 times per year) and Seattle (75 times per year) report lower rates of sexual frequency, while Phoenix, Chicago and Denver report the having the shortest durations of sex. Despite temperature and weather correlations in the data, the majority of Americans (66 percent) say they’re always up for sex regardless of the forecast.

The survey revealed some other Miami sex stats that’ll make you say “Duh.” For instance, one in every four Miamians has had sex during a hurricane, compared with only 7 percent of the population. Makes sense, considering this is hurricane alley, and sex during a power outage sounds a lot more fun than Sudoku by candlelight. Also, we have the highest on-the-beach sex rate, with more than half of Miamians (55 percent) reporting they’ve had surfside intercourse (compared to 39 percent nationally). But again, we’re geographically inclined for it.

Some top five lists generated by the survey:

Had Sex in the Rain Outdoors:
1.       Houston                               47%
2.       Denver                                 43%
3.       Miami                                   41%
4.       Phoenix                               40%
5.       New York                            38%

Had Sex Outside:
1.       Seattle                                  77%
2.       Miami                                   75%
3.       Phoenix                               74%
4.       Denver                                 74%
5.       Atlanta                                 72%

Always up for Sex Regardless of Temperature:
1.       Denver                                 72%
2.       New York                            71%
3.       Miami                                   70%
4.       Phoenix                               70%
5.       Atlanta                                 67%

The Trojan Degrees of Pleasure Survey was conducted to promote the release of Trojan’s latest bedroom innovation, Fire & Ice. The condom has dual-action lubricants on the inside and outside, leaving the naughty bits of both partners all warm and tingly.


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