By Solange Reyner

Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw are putting on a multimedia performance – and you’re invited. It all starts at 8 p.m. and goes through 10 on 900 Biscayne Boulevard on Wednesday, November 18th. OK, so you’re not sure what a multimedia performance is. Well, think art, music, and technology all rolled into one.

Here’s the official word from Levy, who lives and works out of New York:

  • What’s the scope of Sweatshoppe?

We are a new media, multimedia group which means we are designing custom software to enable us to create interactive environments. We make music and we make video and we try to use interactive modules to perform them live.

  • Who is Sweatshoppe?

I used to do live video and design work. But my background is in photography – so I started traveling and left the other stuff behind. I met my partner, Blake, in Nepal – he’s 20 years old and he’s this incredible programmer. We started Sweatshoppe  six months ago. He goes to school in Vermont, and drives every weekend to New York so we can come together to move forward on different ideas.

  • What’s the goal of these shows?

We kind of are just trying to create these immersive events, or these new ways to present media. We just brainstormed and figured out ways to showcase these technologies. One of us programs everything and the other creates the visual components.

The artist collaboration is unveiling a custom hour-long VJ/DJ set of their films using innovative software technologies, including a drum machine that redefines images in 3D space and real time stop motion cameras hidden inside face masks to create an interactive show that integrates the audience and exterior surfaces of the new residential tower. SWEATSHOPPE works at the intersection of art, music and technology and is a forecast of SCOPE, the longest running and largest fair outside of Art Basel.



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