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Tonight at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, the Sunshine State and its filmmakers fill-up the spotlight with six short films and an after-party headlined by local bands Radioboxer and Huma Rojo

Here’s the line-up of film’s and capsules provided by the fest: 

Audience with the Queens (Documentary) – 34 min

A glimpse into the lives of Drag Queen performers in Key West, Florida. 

I Didn’t Know Who I Was (Drama) – 25 min

Ana and Damián decided to travel to the United States to work and save money in order to marry ,put up a business and live together without problems. When they arrive in the States they face certain situations that make Ana understand things and she starts getting to know herself better; finally, she realizes she had never been what she really is, that is: what she is now.

The Birdman of Montemarte (Music) 3 minutes

Steps away from Sacré Coeur sits a small park, a welcome respite. Here we find an elderly gentleman, content with feeding his beloved birds. 

Inventing Kin (Comedy) – 21 min

The story of a young woman named Kin, who comes from a family full of wacky inventors. Kin sets out to add to the family legacy by inventing her own unique invention while reconnecting with her long lost father.

I’m A Freak (Comedy) – 6 min

When a young woman goes to see a psychologist about an inconvenient “condition,” she doesn’t exactly get what she bargained for.

Bail Out (Comedy) – 12 min

George is an economist. If his proposal is accepted by the President, he’s guaranteed a job in the new administration. There’s just one problem….



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