Super 8 Motels is ditching its old art and it can be yours

You know you need this painting.

Miami becomes an enormous art museum for most of us during Miami Art Week, meaning there is a lot of art in this city that we can all enjoy but never dream of purchasing. Do not let that get you down. There is an art event in Miami where they are just giving the art away.


When the Art Comes Down: Works from The Super 8 Collection Miami Edition (yes, it’s a long name) is your chance to get some art work that once graced the hallowed walls of one of America’s busiest motel chains. We are talking landscapes, still lifes, island scenes – the works.


Why are they dumping all their old art work? Upgrades! The chain is giving their properties a modern update and these old timey paintings are not harmonious with their new sleek look. 


Don’t worry. You can get those windmills in the next redesign. 

So here’s how you get in on the freebies. The first 100 people to show up at the event  from 8-10 p.m. Thursday at 2213 NW Second Ave., Miami, get to walk home with a free painting. While admittedly the art work is “not so super,” free stuff is always great. 

You know you need this painting.
You know you need this painting.

You need this painting. 

Bonus: There will be a certified Bob Ross instructor at the event to show attendees how to paint like the master. The event will celebrate Ross’ valient efforts to bring art to the masses and give him his rightful place in the pantheon of Art Basel events. Each of the Super 8 pieces has the name of a common Bob Ross catch phrase (“Got A Mess Going On Today” or “Hit the High Points.”) 

Art snobs need not bother.