Sunset Daytrip

Greetings loved ones. Let’s take a journey. West Coast-style. And bring your friends. ‘Cause we’re going to follow the latest Hollywood trends. We’re going on a trip where the grass is really greener. Where we’re going to werk it, and get a little leaner. It’s a little place called Sunset. Fitting name for the place, that can bring us a little piece of L.A. I can attest, Sunrise is better, but Sunsets can be worth the trip. Especially when seen from the Sunset strip.

Here is your itinerary:

11:15 a.m.  Exercise / Bar Method
5734 Sunset Drive, Second Floor, South Miami
Cost: $17-$24

You know how some Hollywood celebrities say that they eat whatever they want and have never been to a gym? Liars. You know how others say they have a personal trainer or take a class where they don’t sweat and aren’t sore the next day, and yet, it gives them their rock hard Hollywood bod that we all long for? Well, they might actually be on to something. And luckily for us, that something has made its way to Miami.

The Bar Method is the latest exercise trend. Instead of creating something completely new, it actually combines the best of yoga, Pilates, strength training and ballet (if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!) to create a workout that is hard, fun, interesting and honestly doesn’t leave you sore the next day. It is even possible for you to leave here and go on with your day without feeling like a sweaty hot-mess. Basically, it may truly be the perfect workout.

You show up to a crisp studio with teal and white walls, walk upstairs, and enter one of two ballet-bar-lined rooms (after taking off your shoes, and placing your belongings in a white locker with your very own silver key, of course). The class begins with weights, moves to the bars, and then you’re on the floor. Somewhere in there is a killer thigh workout that you know is working because you have never felt those muscles contract a day in your life. The same goes for the butt and ab workouts. Feeling the burn and looking at the instructors, you feel happy to be here and begin to realize that you, too, are just a few workouts away from a celeb-tastic body. You don’t need to be a California Girl (or Guy) to be fine, fresh, fierce and totally hot. You just need The Bar Method.

12:30 p.m. Social Brunch / Deli Lane
59th Ave. South Miami
Cost: $12-$20

We always see Hollywood celebrities gracing the pages of US Weekly in their workout outfits, eating brunch, outside, so, let’s try it.  Right down the avenue from The Bar Method is an adorable side street where you can find Deli Lane. Sit outside, bask in the sun, eavesdrop, people-watch, order your favorite coffee drink of choice, eat a good protein-filled breakfast and catch up with your friends.

2 p.m. – Stroll

You’re feeling tall, lean and beautiful from your workout, and full of energy from your social breakfast. So werk it on the Sunset strip. You can get your nails done at Kimmy’s, visit some local boutiques, like Blush, or visit your favorite stores in Sunset Place. There is plenty to see, and much to buy. Live like a West Coast celeb and shop till you drop (or until your driver comes to pick you up, whatever).

3:30 p.m. Sweets / Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream
8075 SW 67th Ave, Miami
Cost: $3-$5

Get a taste of old Hollywood at Wall’s. Eating Ice Cream always feels so L.A. You can picture yourself slurping the sides before it all melts while you walk along the L.A. beaches and boardwalks. Like they say, ‘Life’s short, eat dessert first!’ We live in Miami. In this heat, we’ll sweat it out in no time, and still look better in daisy dukes and bikini tops than our California sisters do. It’s lookin’ like the Golden Coast has got nothing on the Sunshine State. Holler.