Summer Get-Fit Tips by Miami’s Celebrity Trainer

If you want to get this, you're going to have to pay for it. Just make sure you got rent this month.

So the jig’s up and some of us have finally realized, and sadly accepted that we will not be rocking a thong on the beach this July. Waaaaah. 

But don’t bum out. Here are 5 tips to whipping your body back into shape (and into that skimpy swimsuit) compliments of Barry’s Bootcamp Celebrity Trainer Derek DeGrazio (Psst: he’s the private trainer behind Britney Spears’ comeback body):

1. Make Like a Nike Shoe and Just Do It

Derek says, “Take a Class. Like mine at Barry’s. Working out with a group is both fun and challenging. It’s motivating and the time flies by!”

2. Draaaaaaaanks (No, Not Vodka Sodas, Silly)

“Have a drink…of water. Doing so has so many health benefits, and water can help control calories. Keep a bottle in your bag, your car, your office and sip all day.” 

3. Sorry to be a Buzz Kill, But…

“Put the wine down. A glass of wine occasionally is okay — but put the bottle down. I stick with red as it has less sugar and more minerals and antioxidants.” Here’s a picture of Derek below, by the way…isn’t he ca-yoot?

4. Lift, Bruh

“To show off your beach muscles, you need muscles. To have muscles, you must lift weights. The bigger the weight the bigger the change. Get pumping!”

5. Move That Booty…Like, Now

“No more excuses. Excuses won’t change your body. Make a commitment to yourself and stick to it,” Derek adds.