Summer Fun: Your guide to grilling in Miami this summer

The List: Grilling Tips
1. Turn it over
When turning food on the grill use tongs or a long-handled spatula. To make turning shish kebabs easier, insert two skewers parallel to each other through the food.

2. Don’t get burned
If you are using a barbecue sauce that contains sugar, brush it on only at the end of the grilling time. The sugar will burn if you put it on too early.

3. Cut it right
Cut eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash from top to bottom into “steaks” instead of across into rounds. Quarter green, red and yellow peppers top to bottom.

4. Spice it up
Add flavor with a rub, a mix of dried spices that you sprinkle before cooking. To get you started, think basil or oregano on chicken; rosemary with pork; thyme on fish; and garlic, basil or oregano on beef.

5. Go wild

Don’t limit yourself. Grill romaine lettuce, stuffed Portobello mushrooms, clams and mussels, Buffalo wings or bruschetta. For dessert, try grilling fresh pineapple. It tastes great when left unpeeled and cut into wedges.

Chicken Leg Grill Rack
Tired of the regular standards for the grill — burgers, dogs, steaks? Throw some chicken into the mix with the Chicken Leg Grill Rack — a 15-inch-long rack that holds a dozen chicken legs and can be placed directly on your grill. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean. $20 at

One-trip grilling
Eliminate extra trips between your kitchen and grill with Porter, a multi-purpose BBQ tray. Containers with lids keep raw food safely separated, while a serving platter and condiment caddy hold everything a grill chef needs. Marinate with ease and deliver the goods in style. $34.99 at

Stuff that Burger

Ever tried to make a stuffed burger but always encountered a mess with chunks of meat falling off or the stuffing leaking on to the grill? With the Stuff-A-Burger Press, you can make two stuffed-burger sizes, a 3/4 pounder or a 1/2 pounder, like a pro. $9 at