Stylish Sam I Am

Gentlemen listen up: Stylist to the stars (Sarah Jessica Parker! Jennifer Aniston! The Osbournes! Brad Pitt!) Sam Saboura has got some tips for you. We chatted up the makeover authority and author who was recently in South Florida for a special The Art of Shaving appearance.

What are your main fashion style rules for men? I like when a man look effortless and handsome and not like he tried too hard. I think guys should look like guys and not too fussy, even when they’re wearing designer labels. Men’s clothing should look washed and relaxed. Jeans should look authentic and worn in and not processed and over-styled. When layering guys should keep it to a maximum of two to three items on top. Aside from a watch, guys should limit their jewelry to one item at a time.

Dish on your male fashion style pet peeves. I hate when a guy looks over processed and done. Men tend to wear their clothing too big and rarely try things on when they shop. There’s a huge difference between wearing clothes that fit, and clothes that are too tight. You should always try the size you think you are and one size smaller. Odds are the smaller size will win out. I’m not a huge fan of logos and labels and never encourage a guy to advertise his style in any way. I hate when a guy is so fashion conscious that he looks like he’s wearing a costume. Personal style is one thing but over-thinking your look is totally uncool. Lastly, men should never dress too young or too trendy, the classic iconic looks of old Hollywood’s leading men are always a great place to start when thinking about your style.

What are your key grooming rules for men? Good style starts with good grooming and with the right products and technique, it doesn’t have to be a lot of work to stay well groomed and look your best. Be sure to properly prepare your skin before shaving by shaving with hot water and using a pre-shave oil to soften hair. Also, make sure to use the right razor. At the moment, Miami guys are actually being offered a great opportunity. The Art of Shaving Barber Spa at Aventura and Dadeland Malls are offering complimentary shaves with any purchase using the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor through the end of May.

Spill it — what are some male grooming no-nos. Overly groomed eyebrows, processed dyed hair and too-fake tans. Eyebrows should be well groomed but not “shaped” or too clean. Hair should look natural, especially if color treated, and don’t mess with a fake tan unless it looks as real as possible. Too much hair product or cologne is the kiss of death for me.


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