Style Saves Hosts Art Heist

Stick ’em up! There’s a heist happening in Miami and Style Saves needs your help. Don’t worry — you won’t leave in handcuffs, but you’ll walk out with an insanely sought-after piece of art. The Miami-based non-profit organization is hosting its inaugural Art Heist on Saturday, May 30, 2015 at the Hangar Gallery.

We know walking into a gallery a stealing a piece of art is the fastest way to get yourself booked into the Dade County Correctional Facility, so what’s the catch? Style Saves gathered more than 100 donations from international and local artists looking to aid their mission of providing underpriveleged students with clothing and accessories. GG The Artist, Isaac Mendoza, David de Fex, Clint Comer, Andres Risquez, Rich Esposito, Rene Jimenez, and Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille are among the many participating artists.

Guests can purchase a ticket for $250 on or $300 at the door. The artwork is valued between $500-$1,500, so it’s definitely a steal… a legal one.

The proceeds of Art Heist will help Style Saves dress over 2,500 students this year at the fifth annual Back-to-School event. When you put it like that, the real crime is not attending.

Ready to be an accomplice to making Miami a better place? Snag your tickets on here.