Star Wars Celebration V

Star Wars fans from all across the galaxy will converge on Orlando this weekend for the official Lucasfilm event Star Wars Celebration, an orgy of all things Star Wars produced by fans for fans. The four day event will include parties, cast and crew appearances, costumes, music, collectables, panels and legions of fans willing to do anything to show their love for the saga.

From grown ups who remember waiting in line in 1977 to watch ‘A New Hope’ in theaters to kids are just discovering ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ on Cartoon Network, the convention has events for all ages.

Star Wars Celebration V will take place August 12 – 15, in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center. Highlights of this year’s convention include:

The Main Event
Notorious Star Wars nerd John Stewart of the Daily Show lets his geek flag fly as he interviews his icon, George Lucas, for an hour on Saturday at 11 a.m. Fans with burning questions can submit them on the Convention’s website.

R2D2 Builder’s Room
Taking their inspiration from the droid with a heart of gold, engineers across the world display their R2D2 droid creations.

Star Wars Speed Dating
You get three minutes to decide if the Star Wars groupie in front of you will be your Princess Leia or if you want to throw her into the sarlacc pit. If you do find love, you may even want to take the party to the Commitment Chapel.  

Collector’s Panels
Meet the folks who drool over original action figures in the original packaging, or who collect Boba Fett underoos. You know who you are.

For more information, including official Celebration-authorized hotels and transportation, complete event schedules and to purchase tickets, visit Just make sure to leave your blasters at home, that is unless they are replicas. They have a strict weapons policy at the convention.



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