This flamenco star works harder in rehearsal than you do at Crossfit

Flamenco star Pepe Flores, right, rehearses with flameno dance troupe for the upcoming event this weekend called Fuerza Flamenca with Miami's Ballet Flamenco La Rosa

The greatest rhythms of flamenco will fill the stage at the Gleason Room of the Miami Beach Fillmore when flamenco star Pepe Flores performs this weekend alongside Ballet Flamenco La Rosa.

Flores, who won the Spanish version of the reality show “Big Brother” in 2012, has been busy performing “Opera y Flamenco,” a grand production that has been seen by more than 3 million people in the Palau de la Música Catalana, one of Barcelona’s most emblematic theaters. He did not hesitate, however, to leave his show for a few days to come to Miami, where he assures he feels at home.

“Last year, when the director of the Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, Ilisa Rosal, arrived in Spain and we met, there was a great harmony between the two of us: we are both passionate about art, but about art well done, and for that reason when she invited me to come, I did not hesitate,” says Flores, referring to his first performance with the dance company last year.

This time, in his second collaboration with Rosal in Miami, the dancer and choreographer assures that there is a complete shift from last year’s show. “This show is called Fuerza Flamenca (Flamenco Power). The idea that Ilisa Rosal, who is its artistic director, and I had is presenting the audience with a show without a plot line: There is nothing preconceived.”

The intention is to envelop the audience in a typical Spanish fiesta. “The kind that are often set up in the flamenco tablados of Andalusia, Madrid, Barcelona,” says Flores. “Those parties that are so common in Spain and where guitars, singers and dancers celebrate life in such a joyful way. That joy is what we want to convey.”

To do this, Fuerza Flamenca will take the audience on a tour of the most representative melodies of those Spanish parties: Alegría, Tangos de Granada, La Farruca, Seguiriya, Martinet, La Soleá and La Soleá por Bulerías. “We have gathered many of them to expand the party as much as possible and to be able to take people through all the feelings they transmit: from the most cheerful, to the most melancholic, and those that have more rhythm. No one will be disappointed.”

Flores joins a cast made up of dynamic dancers including Mayelu Pérez, María Mercedes Pérez, Sandra Bara and Jose Junco, as well as veteran Spanish guitarist Israel Heredia, and distinguished singers Yanela Gomez and Salvador de Angela.

Although he arrived this week and says it is a challenge to rehearse in such few days, the tireless Spanish dancer indicates that this is his greatest satisfaction: “We have little time to rehearse, but it is a very compact group, very committed, and we are taking advantage until the last second to put together a quality show. That is the marvel of art, that wherever in the world you meet, when you work with artists that have the same passion, we all feel protected surrounded by art.”

Between rehearsals, Flores says that the cast meets to share experiences, jokes and anecdotes: “In addition to the same passion, we all have things in common. For example, we all understand how hard it is to get to where we are. Flamenco artists almost all have the same injuries, we are artists that take a beating in rehearsals. Few imagine, seeing us smiling on stage, that for a two-minute piece we have had to practice hard, rehearse from sun up to sun down, and deal with – at the very least – multiple injuries to the knees, the ankles … All to put together a show for a few minutes.” That is the severity of the artists’ struggle to convey their emotion and get applause.


What: Fuerza Flamenco by Ballet Flamenco La Rosa with Pepe Flores

When: 8 p.m. Saturday May 6, 3 p.m. May 7

Where: Gleason Room at The Fillmore, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

Cost: $30-$48

Info: 305-673-7300 or 786-320-6982